FRIDAY 29 MAY 2020
הביף מרימה את האירוע הראשון אחרי שבועות של הסגר, ומפיקה לכם ספיישל שבועות.
אנחנו לא יודעים מה מצב האנרגיות שלכם, אבל אנחנו רעבים לביף! תתכוננו לסאונד מעיף שגם שון קרייז וגם רז דנון יביאו,
לרחבה מושקעת, איזורים מסתוריים, ודארקיה מפנקת. ברור לכם שסטודיו הקעקועים של הביף מוכן לקראתכם,
וגם חנות הליין. ההפתעות ששייכות רק לנו כבר בהפקה לקראת חמישי…אז אירזו את עצמכם
בלוק טעים ותגיעו. לא לפני שרכשתם כרטיסים מראש, כי לאור המצב – יש לרכוש כרטיסים מראש באתר הביף!


BEEF is coming back for a SHAVUOT holiday special.
Get ready for a crazy sexy uplifting sound by SEAN CRAZZ & RAZ DANON, sexy passages and steamy darkroom.
The BEEF TATTOO STUDIO is ON!!! + BEEF SHOP + our special SUMMER treats & surprises.
Due to the state, please PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE!
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BEEF Ticket Purchasing Policy



BEEF lets its users purchase event tickets online. This document explains the purchasing process and the connection between the costumer, and BEEF. Please read the document thoroughly before making a purchase.
According to our terms and conditions, you must be of at least 18 to use this site and to enter BEEF events.
Information Security:
BEEF operates several security systems that help the costumer make a safe and protected transaction on the site. Security protocols such as SSL provide privacy and data integrity. SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, ID numbers, and login credentials to be transmitted securely by an international standard. BEEF will not be responsible for any damage that might be caused to the customer, and will only use the payment details in order to complete the booking and purchase.
Purchasing Process:
After choosing the desired event and number of tickets, you will be asked to fill in your credit card and personal details. These details are necessary in order to confirm the identity of the costumer. Please be aware that in all events, only the registered card holder may collect the tickets or enter the event. Wrong or faulty details may prevent you from receiving your ticket or entering.

For all events, you will be asked to show a photo identification card and the credit card used to complete the purchase in order to collect your tickets. After completing the purchase, you will receive an e-mail containing the transaction details, and payment confirmation as an invoice.


By filling your details before purchase, you must check on 3 fields:

1.  You read and understand the terms and conditions.

(This field is mandatory).

2.  You are 18 years or older (also mandatory).

3.  You agree to receive updates for the event in hand and upcoming events as well.

This field is NOT mandatory. But it allows you to receive an informative mail from us about the event in hand and upcoming events.

If you choose to remove yourself from our mailing list, it will be impossible to update you about changes of any kind (location, hour, etc.)

Due to that, if you miss the event, there will be NO refund!

We highly recommend you to stay updated!

In order to enter the event, you must print the tickets or carry digital copies and present them at the event’s door with your ID/PASSPORT card as you entered at time of purchase.

If you haven’t received a confirmation E-mail after 15 minutes of completing the purchase process, please contact us at  in order to check your purchase status.

If you haven’t received a confirmation mail after completing the purchase process, your credit card may not have been charged and tickets not booked. In case the credit company refuses the transaction for any given reason, an e-mail will be sent to the registered cardholder and the ticket will be unavailable for use.

Tickets Claim & Entrance:
After arriving to the event’s location, you will be asked to present your tickets and be granted entry permission or given a substitute entry ticket after confirming your identity. Booked tickets will be available once the event starts and during its activity, according the BEEF policy. Time restrictions may apply for some event tickets. You will be notified of that during the purchase process.
Limitation of Liability:
While purchasing tickets on this website, you hereby declare that you understand that you cannot and will not complain or sue BEEF for any faulty publications, misleading information, changes on the event’s content or artistic premise, timing changes, disturbance during the event, ticket availability issues, entry prevention, and any damage (physical/mental) caused to you in or around the event’s perimeter. If an event is cancelled or postponed, the producer of the party may replace or issue tickets for an alternative event. Refunds will be made by BEEF according to terms set by the producer only and according to the site’s refund policy. BEEF will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the event’s cancellation or rescheduling. BEEF will not be liable for any disturbance to the event caused by any other third-party or force majeure.
Terms and Conditions:
A ticket holder may only enter the event to which the ticket was issued. The purchaser must understand and follow the terms and conditions relevant to the event in hand. The purchaser must read and understand the BEEF event’s policies. By purchasing the ticket, you hereby declare that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms in hand and may not issue a complaint regarding those issues.


Due to CoVid19 please note that for any cancelation or date change of our events there  WILL NOT be any refunding. The Company is allowed to check any case and decide upon refunds as rights to enter other events or will give a discount to future events which is equal to the original purchase.

שימו לב, כי לכל אורך תקופת החירום עקב נגיף הקורונה, ועד להודעה חדשה, אין זיכוי בגין שינוי תאריכים או ביטול אירועים, ולא ניתן לשנות, לבטל השתתפות באירוע, גם אם הוחלט ע”י הרשויות/ההנהלה על שינוי כגון זה. במקרים חריגים, ובסמכותה של החברה עצמה בלבד, ינתנו אפשרויות לשימוש/הנחה שוות ערך לערך הרכישה הראשוני באירועים עתידיים של החברה. לא ינתנו החזרים כספיים בכל מקרה בתקופה זו עקב מדיניות משרד הבריאות אשר אינה מאפשרת הפשרת כרטיס לשימוש ע”י לקוח מזדמן אחר.


Refunds and Cancellations:
Online bookings may be canceled 7 days prior to the event by mail:  . In order to cancel your booking, please contact us and attach your original booking confirmation. Once the cancellation request is made, the credit card used for the transaction will be credited with the original booking amount minus handling fees and cancellation fees estimated at 5% of the transaction price or 100 NIS, whichever is lower. You may only cancel to entire transaction and not parts of it.


Please notice:
• Each ticket may be used once.
• Please keep your ticket in a dry and safe area. You must make sure the text stays intact and are clear and readable. We recommend you carry a digital copy of your ticket in case of loss or damage to the printed ticket.
• If you bought more than one ticket, please print the number of tickets received or carry digital copies.
• Selling this e-ticket to a third party, modifying its content or making copies of it, is strictly forbidden. A ticket that was not purchased directly through BEEF might be fake.
• BEEF may limit the number of tickets that are for sale, or terminate the sale at any given time.
• Entry to the event will only be possible during registry working hours, that will be determined by BEEF. If you’re late or have not attended the event you will not be refunded.
• For further details and inquiries, please contact us at: